Elena Piñeiro-Yáñez

  • Bioinformatician

    Hi! I am a bioinformatician with a bachelor degree in Biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). After finishing this degree and moved by my interested in informatics I started to work as a programmer and after, as an analyst in a technology consulting company where I had the opportunity of developing programming skills. After some years I realised that I missed the biological component in my work and I started a master’s degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in the UCM. I then joined the CNIO where I have been involved in the application of bioinformatic resources to the analysis of NGS (DNA and RNA) and metabolomics data in the projects of the unit and also in collaboration with other research groups and hospitals. I have also worked on the implementation of new methodologies in pharmacogenomic approaches using genomic alterations. In this time I have also participated in teaching activities of bioinformatics in the Escuela Nacional de Sanidad (Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid) and Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (Oeiras, Portugal).

  • I am mainly interested in the study of genomic alterations and their linking to therapies in the context of the personalised medicine.

  • MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

  • BSc in Biology