Tomás Di Domenico

  • Computational Biologist

    My name is Tomás Di Domenico, and I’m a computer scientist turned computational biologist. My main research interest is solving biological problems using computational methods and sequencing technologies.

    I studied computer science at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I then got a post-graduate specialisation degree in Data Mining in Knowledge Discovery at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. I then moved to Italy, where I obtained my PhD from the University of Padua while studying the structure and sequence of proteins in the lab of Silvio Tosatto.

    After my PhD I moved to the University of Cambridge, where I joined Eric Miska’s lab at the Gurdon Institute and the Sanger Institute to study the function of non-coding RNA in relation to genomic stability and epigenetic inheritance.

    Since 2018 I am a member of the Bioinformatics Unit at CNIO, where I plan to apply my experience to tackle questions in cancer biology.