Data Science Program of the Precision Medicine Infrastructure associated with Science and Technology

Development of a common, interoperable and integrated system for the collection and analysis of clinical and molecular data

IMPaCT’s mission is to establish the pillars to facilitate the effective deployment of Precision Medicine in the National Health System, ensuring scientific-technical quality, equity and efficiency in the use of available scientific resources to respond to the needs of citizens. IMPaCT is divided into three strategic axes: IMPaCT-Cohorte, IMPaCT-Data and IMPaCT-GenĂ³mica. Our group participates in the second of the axes, IMPaCT-Data, the program oriented to the development and validation of an environment of integration and joint analysis of clinical, molecular and genetic data, for its secondary use in coordination with the other IMPaCT programs. Likewise, this program will generate models that allow to efficiently answer relevant questions for the Spanish National Health System (SNS), promoting the generation of high-level knowledge based on these approaches.